About Us

At Heartland Heritage Farms our belief is to provide healthy wholesome foods produced from healthy soils. We believe that healthy soils will provide healthy animals, healthy plants, clean water, clean air and healthy humans. Through healthy soils we are transferring the natural nutrients of the land into our animals that feed our communities. 

We are a family owned operation located in Southwestern Minnesota. HHF is co-owned and operated by Chris, Dale, and Brad Schmidt. About six years ago we decided to break away from the conventional model of agriculture and pave a new trail in Regenerative Ag. Little did we know where we would be today! We have learned a lot over the years and continue to learn more each and every day. We have been fortunate to work with some great people involved in the world of Regenerative Agriculture. 

After deciding to change the way we farm, we had to change the way we viewed agriculture as a whole. We started to think holistically and how we could farm in Mother Nature's image. Thus we quit tilling the land, and we started to diversify our cropping rotations and adding cover crops. Soon after, we realized that livestock was a missing key to the operation. We decided to use our livestock to mimic the animals that used to roam the great plains. We started to integrate our cattle and sheep onto our cropland. We started to heal our broken landscape through better management practices. Our meat  is a high sought after commodity to many. We decided to add pigs to the operation very recently. In the summer of 2019 we added pasture chickens and pastured turkey. 

We plan for the future by not thinking short term, but long term. The planning process for HHF is looking hundreds of years into the future. This may seem crazy, but Mother Nature plans for hundreds of years. That way life can continue to grow and prosper, and that is what we mimic here. We love to have the next generation in line and coming back to the farm. By doing this we are educating for the future of our family and our customers. 

We strive to provide our customers with a product that is healthy for them and their families. That is why we started HHF! Through our website we are able to connect with our customers wants and needs on a larger and more efficient scale

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Jordan, Lane, Chris, Brad and Taylor at Craft Fusion Restaurant in Brookings, SD. Where you can find our HHF meat on the menu.